The Expectation of My Entitlement

13 Jan

Something happened this year when it came time for me to make my New Year’s resolution, I found myself looking at the whole process very differently. In the years past I’ve had mantras running in the back of mind such as “make it or break it;” I was setting myself up for failure. I mean what does “make it” even mean, and I’m not broken. Instead I decided to examine, well… a lot of things, but what my expectations are, came to the forefront. I realized that having absurdly high expectations for myself and the people I surround myself with was putting a lot of unnecessary pressure and disappointment on everyone involved. What was I doing!? I decided that I’m allowed to have goals, hopes, dreams, and fears, but as soon as I expect something I’m no longer of a giving spirit and I’ve crossed over to that category my generation is tagged with, “entitled.” I’ve always hated that word and the assumptions and ideas that follow, but yes, even if I’m expecting these unrealistic results from myself, that’s still entitlement. I’m not squashing my dreams or soaring any lower, I’m just taking the actions that I need to in order to achieve what I want and trusting in that process.


One Response to “The Expectation of My Entitlement”

  1. frankbiztalk January 16, 2014 at 1:44 am #

    So true.

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